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Hi, I Am Nina Vodeb

I am a hedonist, a researcher of life, nature and beauty lover at heart. A wife and a mom, who feels like a queen in the arms of her three boys. I love to feel things with all my senses. I surrender to pleasure. I am always the last to finish a meal and I enjoy a sip of great wine and its stories with my eyes closed. I adore new experiences and quality companionship.


I have found my mission in the field of healthy living, teaching yoga, Face yoga and ancient Taoist practices for a harmonious life. Most of all, the journey led me to explore the female body, mindful moving, natural Beauty and hormones where I discovered all the beauty and my calling.


My desire is that, after each of our sessions, we – women - are even more feminine and satisfied in our bodies. To admire, cherish and adore it. Afterward we move differently, talk differently, and look at our lives differently. We ignite the light inside ourselves, that turns on our radiance, magnetism, juiciness and illuminates our entire lives. Above all, we are in harmony, only then we are healthy, beautiful, magnetic and content.

Love, Nina

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In order to formulate the concept of awakening and embodiment of a woman within myself, I also had to mature as a woman. Through years of researching and integrating various ancient skills, I create:

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