The face is telling you a story

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder what the wrinkles, swelling face or pimple that just popped on your skin wants to tell you?

Face yoga will bring you full and toned cheeks, raised corners of the mouth and a radiant face, but all of these are just wonderful side effects. The more important reason why you want to workout with your face too is that your face is connected to your body, to the internal organs and their condition.

Today, I want you to realise that the face communicates with you and tells you a story. The face is a mirror of the condition of your internal organs. The more you take care of it, the more you will take care of your inner self. Of course, caring for your internal organs will also show on your face.

I want to introduce you to facial diagnostics. In Taoism, they have used the face for a diagnostic apparatus for more than 4,000 years. You can read everything on the face from the state of the internal organs to emotions and potentials … Even the hormonal picture.

Besides muscles, fat, and skin, there are also very important meridians and acupressure points on your face. They are all connected to our internal organs so we can use our face as a guide to see what’s going on inside our bodies. 

These are really interesting things and I could talk to you about them for hours, as you can read a lot of data from your face. But let’s start at the beginning today, at the most important points.

In Taoist medicine this is the palace of your potentials, your vision to achieve your goals and what you set for yourself. If we frown a lot, we make a studio apartment out of our palace in our life. That is why Beauty Facial Yoga contains many exercises to strengthen, smooth and open this area. The area between the eyebrows also shows the condition or health of your liver. In this area, you can see how stressed your liver is and how much stress overheats your body. If you are very prone to frowning, it means that your liver is burdened, so it is necessary to relieve the liver at the same time, as well as this area of the face.

THE FOREHEAD AREA is associated with fiery energy or heart. It is normal that we move the forehead. However, if a person has very strong forehead expressions and consequently strongly drawn lines in the forehead area, this may indicate dehydrated hormones. It indicates that the element of fire is too predominant in the body and the element of water is too weak. And this is not good for the state of hormones.

THE TEMPLE AREA is very important for our face as it lifts the sides of the face. In Taoism, they say if this area is strong, we have a strong and intimate partnership and a deep intimate bond with ourselves and our partner. The stronger this area is; the stronger partnerships we can manifest.

Whatever good we do for our face, it affects the functioning of the internal organs, and whatever good we do for the internal organs, it shows on our face. That’s why BFY includes exercises for both body and face. We are restoring ourselves from all sides.

THE LOWER EYELID area is associated with the kidneys, especially with the adrenal gland and state of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol).

It also shows contact with creativity and playfulness. Therefore, problems with the lower eyelid mean that we need to let ourselves be more relaxed and playful in our lives. If your water stagnates in this part, you are swollen, if this area is very sunken or very wrinkled, it can mean that your adrenal glands and kidneys are overloaded, that there is too much stress in your life and that the supply of kidney energy is empty. Taoism teaches that the state of kidney energy is manifested in the lower eyelids.
However, how much kidney energy we have stored for our lives, is reflected in the chin area. If the wrinkles from the corners of the mouth down the chin deepen a lot, this indicates that our reserves of life energy for the future are diminishing and something needs to be done in this area.
Our ears show how much life energy we were born with. That’s why big ears are awesome!

THE CORNERS OF OUR MOUTH for us women show what is going on with our breasts and the uterus. Through them, the golden thread of rejuvenation passes, which is connected through the connective tissue and the meridian pathways from the perineum, to the female reproductive organs, and the crown of the head. If we see the corners of our mouths dropping, it is an alarm that hormones are losing juiciness and the reproductive organs are losing strength and gravitating. That is why at BFY we place great emphasis on the corners of the mouth. The corners of the mouth are like a vessel in which our life stays if they are turned upwards. Life and health drain if they are turned downwards. Do something for yourself, start working on your health, well-being and lifting the corners of your mouth.

In ancient times, the Chinese emperor had to have full cheekbones to be considered fit to rule. This part of the face is related to communication, the ability to work in a team. in Taoist medicine this area is called the palace of popularity, and the muscle is called the wallet. The condition of the muscle “wallet” indicates how much health we have and is related to the spleen. The spleen is a sacred element in Taoist medicine, it is associated with the element of the earth and is important for the balance of all organs, all cells, for the balance of blood sugar, it is crucial for our antigravity in the body and face. It is extremely important for our rejuvenation. The condition of the spleen is also seen in the area of ​​the upper eyelid. If the upper eyelid drops or is wrinkled this indicates exhaustion of the spleen. If, in addition to everything, we also have wrinkles above the upper lip, this is an alarm. This means that the spleen needs help! There is probably too much sugar and carbohydrates in our diet and patterns we have inherited so we need to become aware of them and start working on ourselves.

THE CONDITION OF THE WHOLE SKIN is related to our lungs. If we detect acne or rash it means an element of metal is in imbalance. Whatever the skin tells us is a reflection of the element of metal. This element is also reflected in the nasal area. A big nose means a lot of power, manifestation, abundance and money.

The face is a mirror of the state of your internal organs, communicating with you and telling you important things. The more you take care of your face, the more you take care of your inner body. Thats why for me Face yoga is a holistic workout.

Did you look in the mirror? Is your face trying to tell you anything?

I hope you have learned something new and that you will now find it easier to recognise what your body is telling you. Thats