What is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is a face workout. You have to know that you have 57 muscles from the neck up. Muscles on the face and neck are closely connected, so they are influencing each other, meaning if you start doing the right things you will have the results faster.

We know we need to exercise our bodies. With our bodies, we are always doing something (going to the gym, pilates, running, walking, carrying our groceries, we are constantly doing something).

What are we doing with our facial muscles? We are using them to create mimics, talk, eat, to express our emotions. But more than half of face muscles are never being used. If you are not using your muscles they get atrophied. When muscles get atrophied they shrink in volume, they start sagging and losing volume. This first happens on the face. Why? Because gravitation starts at the top of the head and also we are not using half of our face muscles. If you are not using it, you lose it.

How is this connected with beauty and wrinkles?

The skin is closely connected to the muscle and it will always follow the muscle. So, if the muscle starts sagging down, the skin is going to sag too.

If the muscle starts losing volume the skin will have no place to lay on and it’s going to get wrinkly. And if we are overdoing mimics in the long-term we create wrinkles because we are using our facial muscles in the wrong way.

What facial yoga actually does?

With face yoga, you activate every single muscle on your face and neck. It activates the muscle, it lifts the muscle to its previous position, it builds the muscle, strengthens and tones it and gives it volume. In that way, it helps to lift and tone the skin too. The result is fresh, rejuvenated and reduced wrinkle-free face.

In a longer-term face exercises can reduce sagging skin, double chin, they help to shape and plump your face.

But let’s go deeper into Face yoga. There are also a lot of other benefits of doing Face yoga. When we start activating our facial muscles we start improving blood circulation in the deepest layers of the skin and in the brain and glands.

Besides having a beauty effect, face exercises help improve health and wellbeing.

When you improve the circulation in the deepest layers of the skin you improve elastin and collagen production in your skin which is important as your skin is then more prone and more elastic. Improved circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and because of that your skin starts to glow, radiate and it looks fresh.

When the circulation in your brain and internal glands is better, it improves your concentration and memory; with exercises, you boost your energy levels or, if you do them in the right way, they help you relax.

And once you feel better you will start radiating it on the outside, looking fresh, healthier and glowing.

To achieve that, you have to start doing face yoga in the right way by knowing the right structure, right exercises and the right sequence. A lot of people will notice sagging checks and they will search for the exercises on how to lift and plump the cheeks, but this will not work. The key is to start from the biggest to smallest muscles and from the outer layers to the inner muscle layers. You cannot do this in one day. You have to go step by step.

My 5-week Face yoga program contains 15 beginner exercises and 6 massage techniques for every part of the face. In the beginning, you have to activate all your facial muscles and after that, you can start focusing on the areas that you would like to improve the most. In those 5 weeks, the critical areas will improve a lot. It is important to follow a program. Doing the program and exercises is inexpensive, you can do it anywhere and they are yours forever. And it only takes 10 minutes per day because muscles are small and closely connected so that you don’t need more than 10 minutes to plump your face.

When you start working on yourself you start excepting yourself, you start feeling yourself and creating self-love and awareness. In that way you become happy from the inside, you start shining your light all around you.

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  1. Thank you for explaining that facial yoga can help to eliminate double chins and sagging skin. My wife wants to really get into fitness in the near future because she feels uncomfortable when she sees that she has a double chin in her pictures. I’ll have to share this article with my wife so that she can see that she might benefit from face yoga.

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